Buster’s Blog Beyond #84 – Following #83, plus a word on Rump – 30 May 2021

Gosh pappy, we were kinda rough on our old ancestors here in the good old USofA, so I was thimken’ we should put a tad of perspective on it, waddaya thimk?

I think you are correct, as usual, Bus, and if you would like to tackle that task, I’ll step aside, but I would like to come back to present a couple more remarks about how the situation has now changed, but still reflects some unpleasant factors still haunting not only us, but all us human beans, as well.

OK, pap, here goes.  Ya see, those old Anglo-Saxons were only a few short years, in the grand scheme of history, from learning that the earth was round, instead of flat, so they were basically ignorant of a whole bunch of stuff (kinda like old T. Rump remains to this day}!  So, folks in those days didn’t question the beliefs passed down to them by their parents, family members, and even in many cases, schools.  I guess they didn’t see any benefits in wondering if things were really as they were told, even if they could observe other possibilities.  It sure wasn’t very clever of them, but then, human beans have never been accused of any particular brilliance.  So, weird as it sounds to you and me, that’s how the crazy world worked for a long, long time.

Ok, Bus, a good try on the perspective, though it doesn’t really change the nature of the early European invaders.  It seems that the good folks who manage to amass a bit of wealth, wherever they may be, are always wanting to grab a tad more, and sure as heck don’t intend to share much.  For instance, currently, the countries of Central America, specifically the 3 in what is referred to as the Northern Triangle are losing their inhabitants who are trying to cross Mexico and get into the good old USofA.  Yes, that would be the hoards at our southern border causing poor old Unca Joe so much heart burn at the moment.  Well, I read recently that some scholar of whatever opined that the troubles in those Northern Triangle countries are exacerbated by small groups of elites profiting at the expense of the majority of the population.  Doesn’t that sound eerily familiar?

I recently saw an item in my fav mag Wit&Wisdom section which seems to fit in here:  “There’s only two kinds of people in the world-the kind of people who think there’s such a thing as enough money, and the kind of people who have money”  Humorist Fran Lebowitz, quoted in The New Yorker.

Now, I remember that we agreed not to mention the past prezident, but that old fool refuses to go away, and he is dragging the poor old Grand Old Party (GOP) to heck with him.  Another quote from my lil mag applies perfectly to that madman:  “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr, quoted in CNN.com.

WOW, pappy, yer fav mag, The Week, is sure right on the ball.  It keeps you informed on all the happenings in the whole world, plus the ridiculous political “excitement” right here in our good old USofA.

It sure does, Bus, and the current political excitement, if not somehow tempered, will surely destroy our good old USofA.  The poor old Dumicrats have very little time to bring us back to reasonable governmental functioning, and a bit of national unity.  All we can do is continue encouraging old Unca Joe to up his game, and stop spending money as though it were going out of style, using some of your ideas such as the US Army Corps of Engineers to guide the infrastructure work and establishing a National Service Corps of our young people and other people unemployed due to the Trumpian Plague to work on all the things we need done.  As you have said several times, “it ain’t rocket science!”

An urgent plea from Bus and his real old pappy to all you youngsters, “Get involved!”

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