Buster’s Blog #85- They won’t let you outa Dodge! July & August 2021

Buster, my good laddie, yer old pappy’s got the worst problem of his entire lifetime!  He’s all messed up healthwise, but they won’t let him die peacefully.  He’ll probably have to starve himself to death or something drastic like that.

Yikes, pappy, that’s horrible, when us doggies get into such shape, the Vet will administer a painless remedy, as you authorized being done for me.  Now I’m up here in the GDP (the great doggie park in the sky) just enjoying myself.  Why in the world wouldn’t they do the same for you human beans?

Well, Bus, I suppose it’s the same problem causing all the suffering in our old world: GREED!  I read somewhere that there are two kinds of people in the world: one kind believes that there is such a thing as, “Having enough money.”  Then, the other kind is the people who have money!

I think you got it, pap, GREED has plagued humanity ever since y’all crawled out of the swamps, and started fighting over who got the best rock to sit on!

Yep, and now, I’m stuck, Bus, because the rich CEOs of the big “health care” corporations want to keep feasting on the Medicare and other insurance money, and the politicians want to keep on stealing the tax money they get from me.  It’s a bloody shame, Buster, lad!

Well, pappy, I got your spot all ready for ya up here, Balvenie scotch whiskey and all, so I sure hope you can trick those rascals and get out of that crazy “vale of tears!”

Thanks a ton, Bus, I’m dying to join you (pun intended), but the alternatives I’ve been able to find to the really ugly, church approved standard exit (usually called by the stupid term, “suicide,” are not appealing, either.  So, I’m stuck betwixt a rock and a hard place!



  1. Walt Please know we are thinking of you. We are moving and found so many memories of Christina. Love you guy Pat snd Jim Anton

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