Buster’s Blog Beyond #86-Chaos is becoming Normal! -Sept 20, 2021

Well, Bus, We must get the old blog firing off again!  The T. Rump crazies are going wild all over the country, and conspiracy theories are floating like turds in a punch bowl, but instead of puking, too many people are gulping the stuff!

Holy Guacamole, pappy, goofy stuff is happening all over, and it ain’t just the Rump goofballs.  Down south they are removing all reminders of the Civil War, such as monuments to General Lee.  This is crazy, you can only ignore history to your peril, of course, and trying to erase it is pure folly.  Then, too, the Repulsicans are trying to have us forget the January 6 insurrection.  Now, they are wearing their red hats with “Make Covid Great Again!

Good Grief, Buster, Chaos is really becoming commonplace here in our good old USofA!

You got that right, pappy!  The Repulsicans are a story all to themselves, but the Dumicrats are also wasting their chance to do some real good, such as doing away with the Senate “filibuster” foolishness, and passing their budget without worrying about the crazy Repulsicans!  Poor old Nancy seems a tad cornfused these days.

Yikes, pappy, things are happening that a few years back, pre-one Donald J.T. Rump appearing on the political scene, would seem far too insane to happen here in our good old USofA.  Just today there is a video on our wonnaful telly screens of a bunch of crazed women from the State of Texas beating up the hostess at the popular New York City restaurant, Carmines, because she asked them to show their Vaccination Cards, which is the law in NYC.  Meanwhile, the Rump is down in Florida, no doubt making members of his Mara Lago facility wish they had never heard of the game of Golf.

Oh, pap, a tiny BTW.  got a quick follow-up to our old blog #83 (our lil history lesson).  Your fav lil mag, The Week, reported compulsory boarding schools (1891) to have native American children  forget their native culture and become good “christian soldiers!”  Shades of the old Chinese “re-education” programs! Multiple Ughs!

Well, Bus, me lad, most people would probably agree that there’s not much good news out there.  Howsomever, I have a smidgeon of it to share:  A few days ago, I was walking a tad too far, and carrying a bag of items I’d purchased that was a bit too heavy, when I stepped off a curb and landed flat on my back.  A couple who were walking by saw me fall, and immediately hauled me off the street.  Then, a nearby merchant called 911, and within minutes an ambulance pulled up, and there were two of Charm City’s finest Fire Fighters.  These guys quickly checked me out to be sure I hadn’t incurred a concussion and patched up my bleeding elbows.  The couple who’d picked me up made sure I got into the building with my “stick” and the bag of goodies.  Thus, ended an episode which could have resulted in disaster for your old Baltimoron pappy, who, as old Donald J. T. Rump mentioned when he visited our fair city, doesn’t have the brains he was born with.  So, thankfully, good old Balmer still has more than it’s fair share of Good Samaritans!


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