Buster’s Blog Redux #5- War in Europe

February 25, 2022

Buster, after almost 80 years since WWII, an independent nation has been invaded by the illicit, self-appointed “leader” of Russia, Vladimir Putin.  With explicit encouragement from our past president, T. Rump, the tiny weasel has sent Russian troops into, and bombed many cities in the Ukraine, a case of an untreated cancer growing with a vengeance.  The little scumbag even resorted to Mr. Rump’s own term, “Consequences you have never seen,” when warning Unca Joe not to interfere.  

Well, pappy, this old hound doggie, as you might have guessed, recommends to old Unca Joe that he call in old General Mad-dog Mattis, to have him grab the tiny rodent and drop several small A bombs on all his known castles and hiding places to clear out his accomplices.  I’m afraid there is no choice at this point.  Rump could have sat on him, and squashed the life out of him, but now that he is loose and causing havoc, we’ll have to rely on our superior military forces to send the Russian troops back to their barracks.

Unca Joe, please flick the ugly little beast back to the sewer from which he escaped, before he can cause even more trouble.


  1. Agreed, boys, that sanctions aren’t enough right now. But somewhat encouraged by the expulsion from the SWIFT system. I didn’t expect that 24 hours ago. Maybe Unca Joe is willing to step it up even more.


    1. Thanks for your support. Yes, those money dudes move quickly to protect their cash. The sanctions are working better than we expected. Come on Unca Joe, get with the program.


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