Buster’s Blog Redux #6 – It May Be Too Late!

February 28, 2022

Good Grief, pappy, we’re back to the cold war, and with a less than predictable rodent such as our current villain, old Vlad Putin, there’s no telling if or when it could suddenly turn real hot!  The varmint has now announced having put his nuclear arsenal on alert, an obvious attempt to intimidate our old Unca Joe, as well as the rest of the world.  Of course, he would have ordered his “alert” long ago, just as our own forces have been on “high alert” for a long time.

Absolutely correct, Bus, me lad, and as we’ve seen in his invasion of Ukraine, he is anxious to push his luck as far as we and the rest of the world will allow.  As we’ve noted before, there is no negotiating with a lying weasel (Oh, he is the perfect replica of our former president T. Rump), so we can only recommend that old Unca Joe deal with him forcefully, the sooner, the better!  Obviously, at this point, the risk is nuclear war with Russia, but that risk is now present and can only get worse.

Mercy, pap, do you mean that we recommend that Unca Joe preemptively strike the Russian  nuclear arsenal. 

Yes, Bus, there is no other way to stop a madman, bent on conquering the world.  Hopefully, the Russian arsenal can be disabled in a similar non-violent manor, as was done by our military with Iran’s nuclear development program!

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