Buster’s Blog Redux #7 – A Mean Trio (not an arithmetic mean, but the NASTY mean)

March 1, 2022

Yep, Buster, we’re referring to the pathetic little invader of the Ukraine, and his pals, the Russian assets and our very own US traitors, Tucker and The Donald.  Even Fox, with its audience of ignorant and totally conned numbskulls will have trouble excusing Tucker’s approval of the tiny dictator.  Our old whacko, the Rump, seems to be running out of luck, as well.

That’s for sure, pappy, his accountants have even done something, which, in all your years of bean-counting, I’ll bet you never heard of: they have publicly announced that his financial records and reports, which they prepared, should not be relied upon!  Good Shugamuga, can it get any worse?  The dastardly crook has had an uncanny knack for wiggling out of any real accountability through all his years of shady business dealings, and of course all his political flimflammery, but it does appear that, finally, the dominoes are crashing down.  

Plus, Bus, old laddie, his cash troubles may be the least of his worries, his role in the famous “insurrection” and his attempts to “fix” the 2021 election promise to bring a fitting end to a life of bold-face lying.  This entire unholy trio may be near the point of getting their just deserts!


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