Buster’s Blog Redux #8 – Please Step Up Your Game, Unca Joe!

March 7, 2022

Ya know, Buster, it’s hard to tell truth from fiction these days.  The good old internet is loaded with “analysts” trying to tell us what’s going on.  One thing’s for sure though, poor old Ukraine is suffering with the world mostly (including our good old USofA) watching in horror.  There is no reason to allow one small, creepy character to cause so much harm.  Yes, he suffers from the “Tiny Man Syndrome,” but most of us have some difficulties to overcome in life.  So, lets stuff the little weasel back in the cocoon he came from, please, Unca Joe, you can do it!

Very good summary of the current situation, Bus, now it’s time for our trusty govamint to do it’s job.  After all, hopefully, we don’t spend Billions of Bucks on our military every year just to pay our generals well, and outfit them in the latest spiffy military garb.  Their job is to defend our country, and to help keep the world a safe place for everyone.  They are, as far as we know, ready to take care of their duties.

Well defined, pap, and if the lil dictator wants to use his nuclear weapons, I’m betting that our superior forces can minimize their effectiveness, and retaliate by utterly destroying the Russian arsenal.

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