Buster’s Blog Redux #10 – It’s Past Time to End the “War” in Ukraine

March 13, 2022

Joe, Buster and I do appreciate your efforts to bring our old USofA back to world leadership after the disastrous Donald J. T. Rump administration’s horrific missteps.  However, there is no time to “rest on your laurels!”  The murderous little viper still has the Russian troops shelling the Ukrainian people, and although these brave residents are putting up an amazing resistance, they are woefully over-whelmed.

Old pappy’s right, Unca Joe, This business is too lop-sided to be called “a war,” but the Ukrainian people are being murdered by the thousands.  So, you need to send our special operations force to find and annihilate the treacherous little monster.  It seems obvious to pap and I that the Russian troops will not continue their attacks without the urging of this tiny maniac.  So, please, do your job, Unca Joe!

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