Buster’s Blog Redux #12 -Locating the Bloody Off-Ramp

March 18, 2022

Buster, good laddie, do you remember when we posted “They won’t let ya outa Dodge?”  Well, I don’t either and the old ‘puter refuses to find it!  Anywho, can we do a sort of follow-up?

Sure, pappy, how about calling it, “Seeking the good old, “Off Ramp!”  Im up here in the GDP, and I’ve got your fav scotch whiskey waiting for ya.  All you gotta do is find that elusive “Off Ramp,” and you can relax.

You got it, Bus, but that old ramp seems to be well-hidden.  My old Doc has joined one of those fancy medical groups (MDVIP), and for a “very reasonable annual fee” will care for me like me old Mum.  Of course, at this point I think I need a good old Veterinarian like you found, who can send me on up to the GDP without a lot of folderol!

Well, good luck, pap.  Hopefully, you’ll be sipping some 

 (The) Balvenie before ya know it!

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  1. Walt (and Buster), we hear you loud and clear. But we sure to love your words of wisdom – especially in these times. Sending all the hugs!


    1. Thank you, Carol, Buster, and for that matter, all of us need all the love we can find during these trying times. Sometimes it seems that the bad guys will take over everything, as they have so often in the past, but thankfully there have usually been enough decent people to offset the bad.
      Buster and his old pappy sure hope all is well with you and your family.

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      1. It’s so good to hear from you, Walt. I wish these were kinder times. Sending light and loving thoughts your way, along with deep gratitude for your commitment to raising awareness about important issues throughout the years. 💜


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