Buster’s Blog Redux #13 – YO! Nancy & Y’all Dumicrats!


30 March 2022

Please, for the love of old Thor, listen to young AOC, as she’s screaming, “We’re in trouble, old Dumicrats.”  She recognizes the shift in politics from the old smoked-filled room with plenty of Bourbon whiskey to young people wanting to insure better lives for all of us.  Plus she’s on board with old Uncle Joe & calling on him to use his executive orders for Environmental Protection, Lower Health Care Costs, Canceling Federal Student Loan Debt, & Expanding  Protection for Immigrants!

Amen, Bus, and old Joe’s got an idea or two of his own.  Listen to this!  He wants to impose a 2% tax on Billionaires!!  Listen to the Repulsicans yelling, “Oh, No, Soak the rich, again. shudder!”  Well, consider this, old doggie. Back when we paid for the wild spending of our duly elected “representatives,” the tax rates topped 90%  So, have at it, Unk, let’s show the swindlers we’re paying attention.

Yeah, old pappy, yer perkin’, and we’ll tell Old Joe to get back to his “Build Back Better” program. The $1.2 billion infrastructure thingy was only a good start!

Oh, yes, while you’re fired up, tell our good old military guys, who’ve been getting $Billions authorized from congress each year, to spend a couple bucks, and grab that tiny fleck of excrement Putin to send him back to the sewer he came from, pronto!!

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