Buster’s Blog Redux #15 -We’re cheering for ya, Unca joe!

April 19, 2022

Yo, Buster, are ya awake up there?

Of course, pap, what’s up?

I finally found all my eggs, and I was wondering how Unca Joe was doing and if he found his eggs, as well as his marbles. Yikes, he has a bunch on his plate right now, with inflation flaring up and the little piece of excrement still killing Ukrainians by the hundreds every day. Of course, eliminating that little turd must be his top priority, but then he’s gotta jump on this price escalation business.

That’s right, pap, people are stressed enough with the COVID, without their pocketbooks being emptied by the greed of some of our ruthless, wealthy merchant class. As you may recall, this problem is quite difficult to control. Back in the 70’s, old tricky dick Nixon tried some price controls very unsuccessfully! They actually caused panic buying & hoarding, further worsening the problem. Plus, people, inaccurately blame the president for the inflation. So, as you mentioned, Old Unca Joe has his hands full!

Well, Bus, we can only wish him luck and hope his old memory chip is working better than mine.  

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