Buster’s Blog Redux #17 – Dear Uncle Joe

The 320lb Boil on the GOP's Butt

30 April, 2022

Buster, dear laddie, I know you’ve been itching to let Old Uncle Joe know how much we appreciate his calming things down a bit, after the chaotic administration of Donny J. T. Rump. (More a wannabe dictatorship than an administration).

Yes, thanks, pappy, Old Unca Joe has done an admirable job so far. I do hope that he will step aside now, and not seek another term, though. Good old Bernie and young Elizabeth are both waiting in the wings for a shot at the Presiduncy. I like dear “Pocahontas” a lot, but I’m thinking that Bernie is the right guy for this time.

Ya have a point there, pap. The only failure for old Policy Wonk, Joe, is that the tiny piece of excrement, AKA Vlad, The Vicious, is still apparently alive and hiding. I’m sure that old Bernie would, in short order, find and exterminate that nasty little critter. One less thing for our poor old world to worry about!

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