Buster’s Blog Redux #18 – Poor Old Unca Joe & the Rest of Us! May the Fourth Be With Us!

Garsh, pappy,  Old Unca Joe’s plate was overflowing already, what with the Tiny Piece of Excrement still at large, directing the horrible Russian assaults on the Ukrainian people.

Plus, our clever quasi-capitalists taking advantage of the COVID to raise prices to gouge our poor old citizens. These clowns, following Donny J. T. Rump, haven’t got a dime invested in our economy, they keep their ill-gotten gains invested off-shore to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

That’s correct, Buster, and those crafty Repulsicans decided to take advantage of old Joe’s distractions to try a fast Supreme Court coup, apparently to repeal Roe V. Wade, a sneaky first step in destroying our free elections.  Ho, boy, these creeps are a horror show unfolding in plain daylight.

Well, pap, let’s just hope that our fellow Amuricans, at least a slim majority of them, are savvy enough to see through all the so called “right wing” bunk! 

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