Buster’s Blog Redux #19 – What’s Next?

May 13, 2022 Yes, that’s Friday, the 13th!

Good grief, pappy, those Repulsicans are going bananas.  The loonie toons they’ve packed onto the SCOTUS are threatening to overturn Roe v. Wade and if they were to be successful in that whacko plan, the 19th Amendment would be close behind in their ghoulish imaginations.

As usual, Buster, lad, you’re right on! Those fools must stay up nights, dreaming of ways in which they can destroy our good old USofA.  Please, take heed ladies, the rascals are after your rights and freedoms

If I might add, pap, those devilish rascals won’t stop with the girls, they don’t want anyone who is not a part of their “clan” enjoying the benefits of our economic successes.

Yer correct again, Bus, and we need to remind old Uncle Joe that the tiny bit of excrement is still at large and causing untold grief. Please, Unk, seize and exterminate that bloody devil.

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