Buster’s Blog Redux #20 -The Buffalo Massacre

Buster’s Blog Redux #20 – The Buffalo Massacre 

24 May 2022

OK, Buster, I’m up and moving, and at the old iMac. I know you have been itching to comment on the horrible Buffalo shooting, and both of us were of the opinion that Fox News (pardon me, Fox Entertainment)  and such outlets should be held accountable for inciting such violence. Howsomever, our accurate information expert, who happens to be also your amazing artist lady, informed me that the clever Rupert Murdoch, the god-father of misinformation, had anticipated such problems. He then chartered his organizations as “entertainment” rather than “news.” 

Yikes, what an evil genius, that lad!   Well, pappy, how about the rascals such as Tucker and Laura, the screwball “reporters” on Fox “Entertainment,” can’t they be sued by the families of the victims. It doesn’t seem right that these characters can be spewing hate on the tv and radio without consequences.

I guess that will have to be judged by the courts if such lawsuits are brought before them, Bus!

PS, Bus:  The Repulsicans are now touting what they call, “The Great Replacement Conspiracy” theory, claiming the Dumicrats want more illegal immigrants to replace “white” voters!  BTW: Our fav idiot, Tucker Carlson, after repeatedly touting their goofy “theory,” now claims that “he doesn’t know what the great replacement conspiracy theory is.”  Does anyone remember back when ignorance was not considered a valid excuse?

Gosh, in the commentary section of our old Smaltimore Sunpaper this morning, a thoughtful lad named, Bret Stephens, noted that “Replacement theory isn’t a conspiracy, it’s the American way.”  He cited, wile probably omitting a few) the many times our population has been “replaced” since it’s “history” has been first recorded.

In Summation, Bus, might we agree that, as a political party, Repulsicans hate your guts, and are eager to tell you so, while Dumicrats are trying to return our good old USofA to it’s very rare moments of decency.

Pap,  ! almost hate to mention this, but before we could post this sad tale, there’s been news of another shooting at an elementary school in Texas, by an 18 year old boy!


  1. It’s beyond heartbreaking. And republicans should really just refrain from offering any bullshit thoughts and prayers. I only want to hear from Walt and Bus and others like them today.


    1. HI, gang, hope you guys are staying well. Buster’s working on a blog, but we’re hoping for a few days without a “shooting” to gather ourselves. BTW: I saw a lil clip of T. Rump reading the list of dead children at the NRA convention in Houston. I think it was supposed to be honoring the victims, but the Rump sounded totally bored, and when finished, he did a little dance and clapped his hands. Triple ugh!!!


  2. Another unfathomable catastrophe, and then another. There seems to be no end to it. Fox, the NRA, and its enablers are destroying America, which seems to be their goal.


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