Buster’s Blog Redux #21 – Domestic Terrorism – Memorial Day Weekend 2022

Well, pappy, it appears we may be able to get through the Memorial Day Holiday without more mass shootings.  The perpetrators of these insane murders have been young men, but the question I haven’t heard anyone ask is, why?

That’s right, Bus, we certainly should be asking what are the reasons for these young men to want to kill innocent children and others.  The only answer I can think of, is the abundance of “fake entertainment.”  Remember, old Rupert rebranded all his propaganda outlets from “news” to “entertainment” to avoid legal responsibility.

Yer probably right, pap, all this “hate” propaganda must be very confusing to young boys who are already experiencing major  hormonal changes in their bodies and brains during puberty.  Hence, they become easy targets for the agents of racial and political hatred.

Yes, Bus, it takes us back to one of your very early blogs, actually your first one!  February 2, 2014, Groundhog Day, Thoughts on Education, which spoke of our current efforts, from pre-school all the way through “higher learning,” and our lack of well-coordinated plans to prepare our youngsters for thoughtful and productive adulthood.  It doesn’t appear that we’ve made great progress since then.

Oh, BTW:  Over the holiday weekend, there were 156 killed, 412 injured, and 14 what would qualify as mass shootings, but since this was just a “normal” weekend in our good old USofA, and didn’t have all the aspects (one young dude shooter and a bunch of kids or others killed), the “news” or “entertainment” venues didn’t classify it as “mass shootings!)  

Well, pap, I’d still say, “Holy Guacamole!”

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