Buster’s Blog Redux #22 – Guns, Shootings, & Mayhem in Our Good Old USofA

June 15, 2022

Holy Guacamole, pappy,  Is it true that you opened the paper this morning and there were no shootings, either mass or more ordinary, reported?

Well, that’s true, Bus, but the papers don’t bother to report the regular old over-night gang battles anymore, and the FBI was tipped off on the 31 Trumpian thugs loaded in a U-Haul truck on their way to Coeur d’Alene, Idyhoe to massacre a family gathering of gay pride folk.  Thank goodness, someone at a motel or other place where the killers stopped had reported hearing them plotting their dastardly deed, and called the police. So, fortunately, the FBI was there to meet the U-Haul, and ushered the lunatics out, and into a waiting paddy wagon.

So, you’re telling me that lunatics, either Trumpian or just plain nutx, are regularly roaming the streets of our good old USoA seeking targets for the ample supply of bullets guaranteed by the dear old NRA?  Could it be possible that we have a few too many guns?  I realize the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to have them, but it also mentioned something about “well regulated militia!”

Correct on all counts, Bus, our current situation seems to indicate our need for a better educated and rational populace.  The question is how do we get there?  Do you suppose poor old Uncle Joe knew what he was asking for?

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