Buster’s Blog Redux #23 – Happy Juneteenth!

June 19th, 2022

Hey, pappy, Gosh, I’ve heard that everyone isn’t recognizing this new Holiday.  I’m thinking that may have something to do with, for lack of a better term, racism.

Bus, lad, I believe you are correct as usual.  You see, everyone in our good old USofA hasn’t had the experience of living with and getting to know people with slightly different skin coloring than their own.  Yer old pappy was fortunate to have been a lad when we had a plan called, “Universal Military Training” for all our young men when they reached the age of 18.  So, when he joined our Air Force, he met all these young dudes who looked a bit different, but  he found that they were, in other respects, just like himself… same concerns, same thoughts, same ambitions.  It’s a shame that old, very logical plan has been discarded, and replaced by an all  voluntary service which gives the kids with more wealthy parents a bye.  A very sick example of such kids is ugly old former presidunt, Donald J. T. Rump.

Well, pap, you were a very fortunate youngster, and if I may, I’ll say a word for our current President:  Dear old Joe, don’t let the repulsicans grab you on this “inflation” bizness…it’s not your fault… it’s those greedy suppliers,  My advice is not to try “price controls,” as they don’t work so well.  Instead, just use your Executive Order (sometimes called EO) to place an excess profits tax on the rascals causing the escalating prices.

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